Quick Answer: Do Dental Students Get Summer Off?

Although it may vary, you may have the summer after your first year of dental school off.

While some schools do hold classes, others don’t.

Your summer vacations often get shorter each year of dental school.

Is there residency after dental school?

Most student loans come due about six months after graduation, so be sure to read the sections below whether you plan on going into residency or directly into practice after dental school.

Do dental students get paid?

New dental school graduates won’t be earning this much right away. But they will start with relatively high pay, with a median entry-level salary of $118,800, according to PayScale. The biggest reasons to think twice about dental school, however, are the costs and dental school debt.

How much do dental residents make?

The median dental salary according to the Department of Bureau and Labor Statistics is about $158,000 per year.

How long is a dental residency?

The time to complete each specialty is as follows: Dental Public Health: Competitive residency program lasting an average of 14 months. Endodontics: Two-year residency program and an independent research project. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Four-year residency program; six years for a medical degree.