Quick Answer: How Long Do Zenni Glasses Take To Process?

two weeks

What does it mean when Zenni Optical says manufactured?

2 Answers. The order status “Manufactured” means that the glasses have shipped from the lab to Zenni’s California location. This takes about 3-7 days. When it arrives at California locating, the tracking number will be available and the status of the order will be changed to “Completed”.

How long does it take for glasses to arrive?

With more the rule than exception, it takes a minimum of one week in most instances and up to three weeks for a pair of prescription eyeglasses to be made.

Are zenni glasses any good?

And so I tried Zenni: I’ve ordered a dozen pairs from them over the years, backups and daily wears and Transitions, and they have all been good. At $34 a pair, with thin lenses and UV/scratch resistance, the value is unbeatable. This is the only problem with them: after a couple years, the coating begins to peel off.

Are zenni glasses made in China?

Today, Zenni operates from its corporate headquarters in Novato, Calif. and maintains one of the largest end-to-end manufacturing facilities in the world. Totaling nearly one million square feet, the campus in Danyang, China, provides much of Zenni’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Who owns Zenni Optical?

Luxottica CEO Andrea Guerra claimed in a 2012 CBS interview that half a billion people were wearing its glasses, which is equal to a 12% share of 4.2 billion wearers. Zenni was founded in 2003 by CEO Tibor Láczay and COO Julia Zhen as 19dollareyeglasses.com.

What is Zenni Optical return policy?

The customer may return an order for any reason ONLY on the following terms: Customer must return the glasses to Zenni Optical within 60 days of having received them for a 50% refund, credited back to Customer’s credit card, or a one-time 100% store credit refund (excluding shipping) to be used at ZenniOptical.com.